About Me

Just a guy that loves designing

I’ve been a UI designer for around 5 years and have worked remotely with clients mostly from the western hemisphere consisting of mostly individual clients but also 2 agencies.

I love what I do for a living, not many can say that so I believe I’m very lucky in that regard. Learning and becoming better at my craft will be a lifelong endeavour.

A little about how I became a designer

I haven’t always been interested in design and came to it from a completely unrelated background. Before I found my calling as a designer I’d been selling on eBay for about 10 years with products I imported from China.

I grew tired of that and also had the worry of not being able to find the next great product to sell. I decided to started a online degree in computer science but found that mind numbingly boring so while I was doing that I signed up at Treehouse to learn coding.

I enjoyed learning HTML/CSS much more than the CS degree so I quit that. After about a month of learning coding I came to the realisation that the basic sites I’d been creating looked really bad. I thought I should stop with the coding for a little while until I improved my design skills.

I enjoyed learning design so much I went all-in on my new found passion.

I have very recently dipped my toe back in the coding side of things and designed and developed this site your on right now! I'm not sure it's something I will focus it's been a great learning experience and has given me an appreciation for the wizards I mean developers of the world!