The Problem

Andrew had some initial design work done on a few screens but needed my help to rework some of them and design a few new features.

We both agreed the initial UI work needed a bit more love so I worked on a visual upgrade too.

The Solution

I ended up designing around 20+ screens which included a homepage, music storefront, album pages, artist onboarding for selling albums, checkout flow and many more.

It's still in development so for now check out the screens and prototype below which covers most of the main screens I designed.


UI Design

Web App Design


Andrew Vy


Web Desktop


In Development

Designs & Prototype

Below is a few main screens from the project. If you want to see others click the view prototype button which will open up more screens inside a new tab.

Dojinist Testimonial

The mark of a truly great designer is in the understanding of the full picture, and Marcus has been amazing to work with in that regard. The ability to communicate clearly, understand the user, and help us solve the problem has been a huge asset when building our MVP.

It's very rare to work with someone who understands MVP needs, but also allows the room in design for future iterations. I highly recommend reaching out to Marcus to see where he can help you!

Andrew Vy

DOJINIST - FOUNDER & Software Engineer

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