The Problem

Hub is a social/utility app for iOS that focuses on redefining the contact book in a social setting

The client was looking for simplistic, clean, and modern designs with an emphasis on "flow" from screen to screen

Screens include a login page, homepage, contact pages, and a unique QR scanner that allows users to add contacts.

The Solution

Justin provided a great set of wireframes that formed the building blocks of the app.

I worked closely with Justin refining the flow and layout of the app to make it it intuitive for the potential users.

The designs came out great and I hope to use the app myself once it's been developed!


UI Design

Mobile App Design




iOS Mobile


In Development

Interactive Prototype

Click or tap the screen below to look around the interactive prototype. If you tap this link you'll be able to view the prototype on your phone. It will look best on the iPhone X.

Hub Testimonial

Working with freelancers is usually a nightmare, but working with Marcus was like having him right by your side. His communication was crystal clear, timely, and he went above and beyond what was asked of him. I was blown away by his ability to help me shape my designs into a beautiful product.

If you are ever hesitant about working with a freelancer, you can always count on Marcus to deliver as if he was just as passionate about the project as you are.

Justin Kuron


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