The Problem

Stefan came to me with an idea for an app to track symptoms for people with various ailments and ilnesses.

He needed an app with an intuitive interface and a few features that could be activated with an in-app payment.

The Solution

I originally designed an app for fun that had a similar feature set to what Stefan needed.

We used my previous design as the starting ground for the project and built on it by adding more screens and features.


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Interactive Prototype

Click or tap the screen below to look around the interactive prototype. If you tap this link you'll be able to view the prototype on your phone. Alternatively you can just download the app on the App Store with the button above.

Crystal Symptoms Testimonial

Marcus’s design and communication skills throughout this project were second to none, which helped make the project run smoothly as possible. It’s easy to see his love and passion for design, this stands out in his work. Overall Marcus is very hardworking and a fantastic UI Designer.

Thanks to his great work were able to secure some funding to take the app to the next level. I believe he would be a great asset to any project and I highly recommend him.

Stefan Djordjevic

Crystal Health Company - FOUNDER

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