The Problem

The nature of working for yourself and being a freelancer is sometimes I have periods where I don't have any client work or not enough.

I really love designing mobile apps so I like to create fake projects to keep my skills fresh. It's a great way to spend any down-time I may have and why not use it productively!

The Solution

I don't have enough time to create fully fleshed-out designs that cover every aspect that a real app would need.

My solution is to just design 3 screens so I don't spend too much time on something that'll never be a real app.

The prototype below won't be full interactive because it's just 3 screens per app (3 apps).


UI Design

Mobile App Design




iOS Mobile




Click or tap the screen below to look around the prototype. If you tap this link you'll be able to view the prototype on your phone, it'll function best on an iPhone X.

Project Testimonial

No testimonial here as this is one of my own personal projects.

I guess I could write something about myself from the third-person but I think that might be a little bit strange :)


Design by marcus

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