The Problem

Sometimes I'm not able to add a project I've worked on to my portfolio or Dribbble.

Or maybe I just have a fun idea or concept I want to spend a few hours on while listening to a podcast or music.

The Solution

Since the middle of July 2018 I've been doing a few designs per week to add to my Dribbble profile.

It's been a hugely positive experience so far as I've gained more interest in my services and tripled my followers on Dribbble.


UI Design

Web Design

Mobile App Design




Web Desktop

iOS Mobile




Below is a few of my latest designs at the time of writing this. If you'd like to see the newest stuff use the button below to go to my Dribbble profile.


No testimonial here as this is one of my own personal projects.

I guess I could write something about myself from the third-person but I think that might be a little bit strange :)


Design by marcus

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