The Problem

Craig has a service that provides various products based around the ketogenic diet mostly in the form of ebooks.

He wanted to create a web app that provides 4-week meal plans for his users.

The idea was to have various features such as a home screens that shows the recipes for the current day, an easy way to replace in the schedule, step-by-step recipes and a shopping list.

The Solution

I ended up designing various screens for desktop and mobile breakpoints.

The screens included a splash screen, login, home, meal planner, recipes, meal filter, shopping list and settings.

It's going to be quite a complex web app so it's still in development so for now check out the screens and prototype below.


UI Design

Web App Design


Keto Living LLC


(Responsive Design)


In Development

Designs & Prototype

Below is 3 screens from the project. If you want to see others click the view prototype button which will open up more screens inside a new tab.

Meal Planner Testimonial

When looking for a designer, the typical checkboxes that you want to tick off are: the ability to create a visually stunning website, ease and accessibility of communication, and usage of modern tools. Marcus not only checks these off, but has the creativity to take my ideas and turn them into a beautiful reality.

It's not often that someone can take inspiration and ideas and create a user friendly, well-designed website with great flow. If you have a project that needs the attention to detail, Marcus is your man.

Craig Clarke


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